School of Carnatic music is efficiently managed by Smt Rama. She is a very passionate teacher and spreads the divine music through her dedicated teaching to her students worldwide. She has been teaching Carnatic Vocal and Veena music for 30 years. All her students are very keen on attending her sessions and they enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the class. Smt Rama Raghuraman feels that students should not have any fear during learning and she clarifies the doubts of students many times, with a smiling face and warm words that really make the students very comfortable and interested in learning.

Students taking online classes from Smt Rama Raghuraman, come from various countries and from different age groups. When a request for an online class is put forth, she calls the student for a sample session at a time convenient to the student. The various aspects like the Sruti, present level of knowledge etc., are discussed, then a suitable time is fixed with the student and online classes are commenced.

Smt Rama Raghuraman has been spreading the joy of her divine music through her valuable classes. She tutors lot of children also,caring for them with the same strict discipline that honed her. Smt Rama includes the deserving students to accompany her, in her concerts on stage. Her students have won applauses in many competitions in the city.


Smt Rama Raghuraman teaches Vocal and Veena through regular and online classes. She welcomes learning both one-on-one and in groups. She also coaches students for grade exams, graduate and post graduate examination, including theory and practicals. She accepts students of all levels and teaches them through Face time, Skype and similar other Applications.

Syllabus for various levels is as follows:


Junior Level

  • Abhyasa Varisaigal till simple Geethams


  • Geethams in Rakthi Ragas
  • Swara Jathi/ Jathi Swaram
  • Four Adi Thala Varnam

Senior Levels

  • Adi thala Varnams 12
  • Ata Thala Varnams 2
  • Simple Kritis/ Kirthanais.
  • Thiruppugazh Thevaram

Advanced Level

  • Double Kalai Kritis/ Kirthanais (In Rakthi Ragas )
  • Group Kritis
  • Manodharma Sangeetham
  • padam/ Javali/ Thillana